May 10, 2009

Bagpipe Monday... Shiny New Toys

Welcome back to your weekly Bagpipe Monday at Subway Domer. First things first- the results from last weeks poll question: "Will Notre Dame finally beat Michigan State in Notre Dame Stadium?"

  • 80% were confident enough that history would change and said, yes.
  • 6% are all too aware of the history and regrettably voted, no.

14% decided that they would punch their own mother in the face if the Fighting Irish lost, yet again, to the Spartans inside Notre Dame Stadium. Wasn't Mother's Day just yesterday?

The Fighting Irish have not beaten the Michigan State Spartans in South Bend since... wait for it... 1993. 16 fucking years. There was a 2 year break between 1995 &1996- and then Bob Davie became the Head football Coach at ND. Some guy named Holtz was 8-1 versus the Spartans, winning 8 in a row before the break in the mid-nineties. Davie was 0-5, Ty was 2-1, and Charlie is now 1-3. Good grief.

The weekly poll is being replaced this month by a survey that I will be using for some future posts for this summer, as well as just plain curiosity. It can be found on the right sidebar. The results are posted after you vote.

So if you haven't voted yet, please do. BTW- All future polls conducted on Subway Domer for Bagpipe Monday- and any other post, will be made with the Quibblo thing. It just looks better. Whoo.

Anyways- time for some pipes! I think these guys are the Gwar of bagpipers.

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