Feb 14, 2009

TAH-NOO-TAH!!! Eats Baby Rabbits...

TAH-NOO-TAH say, "Te'o no Katzenmoyer, but still will rip your intestines out."

Bryant Young is Barry White trapped in a defensive lineman's body. (He actually says, "Get in where you fit in." Too $hort!!!! Must be his Bay area influence).

BTW- Are those sweaters black? Somebody must be reading Three Guys In A Basement and watching the Subway Alumni Show.


Irish Right said...

Good grief! When Bryant Young was tapping his fingers on the table, it sounded like gunshots. Let's hope he instills some of his toughness in his players. This is a GOOD move on Charlie's part.

Doug said...

Enjoy the blog. Any chance we can link up with you guys?