Feb 4, 2009

Manti Te'o Is Irish... Kapow!!!!

Te'o is Irish. I'll have much more on this inside the recruiting spectacular later this week.
Until then, You can suck my balls Petey.
Welcome To Notre Dame Manti!!!


Scrot said...

What's the story on this kids' missions trip he plans to take? In his interview on ESPNU he was not very specific. All he said was that he will play his freshman year and then go on a missions trip.

As far as I am concerned, this mo fo's only mission should be to feast on some Skunkbear and Profilactics for a few years!

SubwayDomer26 said...

He hasn't decided yet. He probably will take one, but I'm just looking forward to seeing him on the field in 2009.

Think Eric Gordon... without the weed.

Anonymous said...

That is exactly what he plans to do with his life. At least that is what was reported previously from an interview in the past several days.

He will play his first year and then go on his Mormom Mission the next two years before returning to college.

That could change, but one must remember that the Mission is terribly important to a Mormom.

I believe Manti looks at life in a somewhat different light than Scrot does.

SubwayDomer26 said...

$crot has no life other than adopting 20 kids and living in the worst town in Ohio... at least the worst in Defiance county.

Scrot said...

Let's set the record straight, ok.

1. I do not have 20 kids. At the present time I have 4, all foster.

2. SD is just pissed because I am now on the bandwagon of our former high school rival.

3. The beauty of being an American is that you can pretty much do anything you want with your life. If he wants to go to some country and spread the word with Shawn Bradley and Mitt Romney, that's cool. My idea is to sit at home, drink Busch Light, chew Copenhagen and watch my beloved Irish.

I have a question: What if he leaves on this missions trip and decides he'd much rather play at Hawaii or SC? That's getting poked in the ass with no vasoline!

Jim said...

Great addition.

SD, did you hear about Chris Martin commiting?
Rivals quote: "Will be a serious candidate for five-star status when rankings are released. Martin had a monster sophomore season with 108 tackles and four sacks. He then hit the camp circuit where he dominated everywhere he went. This included a stop at the always loaded USC Rising Star Camp. He was impressive in one-on-ones and drill work with his explosive first step and his frame that could eventually allow him to spin down to defensive end."

Welcome Chris as well!!