Feb 3, 2009

In the Last Hours

The clock is ticking as we arrive only hours away from National Signing Day. For the Fighting Irish faithful, Signing Day can be an ego killer. From past experience, I suggest that you step away from the computer right now and start drinking heavily. (After you read this, of course... or maybe not).
You know who is play, so I will dispense with the bullshit of pretending to know more than you on who Notre Dame still has a chance with and who- if any sign with the Irish tomorrow.
I'm here as your wingman. If you need to gloat, boast, and talk mad shit about a rival that we beat out for a recruit... I'm here for you. If you need a shoulder to cry on because you are, in fact, a whiny bitch and can't handle rejection... I'm here for you. Whatever is going to get you through today and tomorrow that doesn't result in a DUI, crabs, or an early morning acid flashback- let me know.
I was going to try and have a Live Blog for tomorrow, but that is looking like less and less of a possibility due to the J-O-B. At any rate, the Recruiting Spectacular should be up on either Friday or Saturday followed by the State of Recruiting post that CNN/SI writer Andy Staple stole out of my head by using a piece of foil, two twisty straws, and turkey baster. (I'll deal with that asshole later).
Just remember, not every recruit wants to go to Notre Dame, and not every recruit should go to Notre Dame. This class already has a lot of talent from top to bottom and despite any ranking from the recruiting sercices, it fills needs and lacks a lot of fluff that the 2006 class had with a consensus top 10 ranking. So start drinking, and if you need to vent, post a comment here or on the shoutbox.

BTW- Sorry about no Bagpipe Monday this week. I think I slept for almost the entire day and night. It was fun. So, here's something else...


tednict said...

Subway, as I read your post, I chuckled at your comments and then I applauded your sixth paragraph. I am so glad you said what you did, because we do have a very good class even if no one else chooses to join it. I also believe CW and his staff will have one hell of a class for 2010. They are off to a great start, and based on what I am reading on Irish Eyes, they appear to be offering to excellent talent for that class.

Anonymous said...

My post should have read fifth paragraph...NOT SIXTH. Sorry.

IrishMarine said...

In a way I'm kind of glad you can't do a live blog on signing day because I too have to be on the J-O-B... I had such a blast watching the Navy game, getting tanked, and partyin on that live blog I couldn't handle not being able to partake in a midweek drunkfest for NSD.

Anyway I'm gonna have to agree with you and tednict both. Although I would LOVE to catch a couple more top notch guys I'm pretty content with the class we have coming in. Sure it doesn't quite have the "star" power we would like but it does have Carlos "The Caveman" "Calabreezy" Calabrese and he is someone I can not wait to get on the field and crush people.

Not to mention two badass running backs and a great collection of o-linemen. I have a good feeling this class will be solid and I think we might add one or two tomorrow but we'll see.