Dec 15, 2008

Will Yeatman To Transfer

It's not quite official, but The Journal-Gazette is reporting that Notre Dame tight end Will Yeatman will transfer from Notre Dame.

Although no school was mentioned in the article, rumors have surrounded this situation for about a week now. Most of those rumors have Will transferring to North Carolina to play both football and lacrosse.

Will had a bumpy ride at Notre Dame with a DUI arrest last spring and a minor consumption charge after the Michigan State game. I'm not sure how much these events played into his decision, or if a glimpse at the future depth chart and seeing Kyle Rudolph and Mike Ragone the most likely starters in 2009 swayed him. In any case, this is not a huge loss for the football program. The lacrosse team may disagree.

Will had only 8 catches for 43 yards in his career at Notre Dame.

This certainly opens up a chance for Joseph Fauria, Tyler Eifert, and Jake Golic to compete in 2009 as the 3rd tight end.

Good luck to Will in his future endeavors.


Anonymous said...

Is that picture of Yeatman making him look slimmer than he actually is? He looks like a big WR in the picture, not a 260 lb TE. If it's not the picture, then well done, Will, you look good!

This is big news in the lacrosse world. UNC seems like a good fit. Penn State seems to like lacrosse players too (see Evan Royster).

SubwayDomer26 said...

It's Will. He was alaways more of an athletic TE, mostly due to his lacrosse background.

This is a huge loss for the ND lacrosse team.

Anonymous said...

1) I disagree.. I think that he would have received significant minutes next year as the blocking tight end.

2) For all the initial promise and hype of our current junior class,there currently isn't a whole lot left to show from it..

I only hope that this trend doesn't continue with the current frosh and/or Sophomore Classes..

IMO, we cant afford many more defections...

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