Dec 7, 2008

Jordan Cowart Is Irish?

Notre Dame got a new commitment this weekend, but it wasn't a name most fans are familiar with. Jordan Cowart is coming to South Bend.

Jordan is a one star center from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Florida (same school as Wenger, Young, and Turk). But Notre Dame is not looking for him to be a center. The Irish will place him as a long snapper.

The Irish faced tough times snapping the ball this season after the departure of current Green Bay Packer and Fighting Irish long snapper J.J. Jansen. This will look to solidify an improving special teams unit.

ESPN provides this evaluation of Cowart:

I can't imagine there to be a better long snapper in the country than Cowart.
He has a lot of velocity on his punt snaps; very little arc on the 14 yd. snap.
Punt snaps are not only fast enough, they are accurate thus making it easy for
the punter to handle. Short snaps mirror the long snaps in terms of speed and
accuracy. The short snaps are a tight spiral and consistently hit the holders
hands. Cowart also carries a big enough frame to provide solid protection as a
snapper. There is no doubt he is destined to be a Division 1 long snapper.

This is an important pick up for Notre Dame from a need standpoint.

Welcome To Notre Dame Jordan!!!

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Anonymous said...

I don't get it. I've seen many of the comments after news broke on Cowart's committment and while most of the comments were favorable, some can't see the value of the find. Cowart comes from the # 1 ranked high school team in the country. He's snapped the ball aprox. 400 times only muffing it once because of horrible field conditions, he's #1 ranked snapper in the country per ESPN, he scored # 1 in target accuracy and #2 in speed at a national Chris Rubio event for long snappers in May 2008 out of 70 snappers nationwide, he played in one of the all-time greatest high school state championship games 2 years ago where as a sohpmore he was snapping the ball with tons of pressure. The bottomline he appears to be a great find and if he lives up to expectations ND won't have to worry about a bad snap for the 4 year years... I don't get it!!!