Jan 4, 2007

The Aftermath

Well I have tried to post since the Sugar Bowl, but I have just been unable to crawl out of the toilet. That is until now. I have put my foot down and have decided to move on. I do want to state a few things about the game that coincide with the previous post and the keys to victory.
1. I thought we did a good job of protection considering the competition. The sacks and real pressure came from ineffective screens and indecisiveness on Quinn.
2. No turnovers... that was a prayer.
3. The biggest surprise to many was the efficient ground attack by Walker, at least in the first half. It was hard to run the ball in the 2nd because of a complete meltdown by the defense...moving on.
1. The pressure on 6'6" 260 lbs.( apparently this is JaMarcus Russell's new name, so that is what I will call him), was never there. Abiamiri swatted a ball for a fumble but really that was it.
2. We did stop the run... in the first half. Do you see a theme here? In the 2nd half the D forgot to tackle and became a Pop Warner team. LSU commenced to run the clock out on a dismal night.
3. We got the 2 turnovers and almost a 3rd. Yes a goal is met!
NOTE: I never mentioned pass coverage as a key, because well, we have never done it and I'm not sure it is in the playbook.
1. Pulling out the trick plays does not mean a fake punt during your first possession. Maybe a trick play that would work might be a field goal? They seem very tricky.
2. Special Teams... not so special. THANKS BRIAN!!!
3. Penalties weren't so bad but the Shark bit too hard a few times. Also There were a lot of no calls on pass interference. Rape Charges are to be filed in the future by ND on behalf of any potential receiver we had out there.
4. Once the Wooden fumble was overturned, it was over. No life and no nuts were found on the team.

That sums up my thoughts on the game. LSU was clearly the better team in every category. It is going to take a lot of help to get ND, our team, up to the level that we desire it to be.


  • Notre Dame had 7 regular season opponents in bowl games. Their record was 2-5.
  • The PS2 Challenge is over. My record is 18-11 and its is 15-14. With 3 games remaining I win by default since it picked Cincy along with me.
  • The Army All-American game is on tomorrow at noon. Try not to cry when the only commit we get that's left is an O lineman.

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