Jan 23, 2007

Fuck You du Luc!

Notre Dame has decided to kick Kyle McAlarney out of school. Why? He got pulled over off campus, and the cops found a joint (blunt). Get over yourselves ND and anyone who thinks this is in Kyles best interest. He was sold out so the University can say they blah,blah, blah. He can reapply to come back for summer session but ask yourself, would you? Fuck them! I don't smoke pot anymore, so please don't say I am a burnout fighting a weed revolution. This is an injustice to Kyle and any other student this law has affected. I'm so pissed I am rambling, and I am a hunt and pick typist.

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Magnificent Bastard said...

Jashwa YOU are a BURNOUT fighting a weed revolution. The bums will always lose Jashwa! You rug-pisser.