Jan 11, 2007

Farewell Proud Son

The news that came out of South Bend today was a bittersweet moment. Darius Walker declared his intentions to turn pro and enter the 2007 NFL Draft.

First let me just state that DW is one of my all time favorite running backs from ND. Why? Reliability. Injuries, fumbles, and missed blocking assignments didn't happen with Walker in the backfield. This is a man who has been all class and has shown himself to be a Loyal Son of Notre Dame. I remember being at his coming out party versus Michigan in 2004. It was fantastic. HE was the reason we won the game. His play was detrimental in game after game these past 3 years and his production was only getting better with each season.

  • 2004 786 yards 4.2ypc 10rec 74 yards 7 total TDS
  • 2005 1196 yards 4.7ypc 43rec 351yards 10 total TDS
  • 2006 1267 yards 5.0ypc 56rec 391yards 8 total TDS
This does now give some other players the opportunity to develop and really contribute in the 2007 season. Travis Thomas is coming back for a fifth year and I believe he will take over the starting duties and a majority of the carries. He is the kind of back we will need with a combination of speed, power, and most of all EXPIERIENCE that will be needed to help this young team win games. It will be exciting however, because Aldridge and Prince and Allen should also be in the rotation (start forgetting about Robert Hughes), which beckons back to the days of Holtz.

Thank-you again Darius Walker! You will be missed and will never be forgotten. Good luck to you and your family ( I loved seeing Mr. Walker and the fro) with the new adventure.

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