Jul 6, 2009

The Two Ute's- Well, One Utupo Is Irish

Notre Dame just picked up it's 10th commit for 2010, 3 star defensive end Justin Utupo. I know next to nothing about Justin, but I do know that he is the 3rd defensive end in this class and that should seal the fate of Chance Carter going elsewhere.

Here is the ESPN evaluation:

Utopo is an active defender. He plays a little out of position in high school as a defensive tackle, but we feel he will make the move to defensive end in college. He has solid size though he looks as if he may not be as big as listed. He has a good get-off and plays with a good motor. He can be a physical kid at the point of attack. Displays the ability to come off the ball with good pad level and shoot his hands and be able to take on a block and even at times knock the blocker back. He will use his hands to shed and make a play on the ball. Does a good job of being able to get to the shoulder of the blocker and get in the gap. Does a good job of being able to stay square and keep himself in a position to make a play. He displays good speed and short-area change-of direction skills. He will leave his feet at times, but for the most part is a physical wrap-up tackler. As a pass rusher he can create some push and work off the block. Utopo combines some ability with effort and can be productive. Defensive end will likely be his better fit in college, but depending on how he physically develops he could be a swing guy as he shows he can play inside also.

Welcome to ND Justin!!!

Everything I know about Utupo I learned from Youtube:

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Irish Right said...

Just curious ... is Justin LDS? More precisely, do we have another mission to work in when we look to the future?

SubwayDomer26 said...

My understanding, is that he is LDS, but I have not yet read anything that discusses his future plans on missions. This is the 3rd LDS prospect with Te'o and Badger also being of the Mormon faith. I haven't heard anything on Badgers plans either.

BigE said...

Nice strength, quickness and speed. Reminded me of a young Chris Zorich. Hopefully will develop as one.

Go Irish.