Jul 30, 2009

The 2009 Subway Domer All-American Team... Recognize!

It's time for the 3rd Annual Subway Domer All-American Team. I was unsure if I would do this again, but for me to keep any kind of "series" or "annual" going is an accomplishment in itself. So excuse me as I march onwards to victory.

In the last two versions of this list, I haven't really offered any type of commentary. I'll give ya at least a couple lines this year. Also, I have made "Special Teams" its own category, but it will only have a 1st team. Please keep in mind that I am biased and going off of 7 hours sleep in the past 48+ hours.

Let's go...

Offense First Team

  • QB- Colt McCoy, Texas
  • RB- Jonathon Dwyer, Georgia Tech
  • RB- CJ Spiller, Clemson
  • WR- Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State
  • WR- Arrelious Benn, Illinois
  • WR- Golden Tate, Notre Dame
  • TE- Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame
  • OT- Ciron Black, LSU
  • OT- Bryan Bulaga, Iowa
  • OG- Sergio Render, Virginia Tech
  • OG- Thomas Austin, Clemson
  • CT- Kris O'Dowd, U$C
  • FB- Stanley Havili, U$C

Ahhh... the controversy. No Florida players- and in particular... no Tim "I've come to save your crack baby" Tebow. This is my vote. None of my assistants screwed up the vote. I like McCoy. He's more mobile than Bradford, and he has a better arm than Tebow. So- whatever. BTW- He saved someones life too- not just his soul, but the actual life.

Some Irish fans may be asking why I don't have Floyd at WR. I don't know why either (lying). Just giving a nod to the upperclassmen. It took a lot for me not to have both Tate and Floyd on the first team.

Stanley Havili is one of the most underrated players in the NCAA. This guy is a beast, and when you step back and look at the Condom offense- he is what makes it so unique and powerful.

Bryan Bulaga is just another really good Iowa lineman. Corn-fed.

Why Kyle Rudolph and not some Sooner? Because Rudolph is better... trust me.

Defense First Team

  • DE- Carlos Dunlap, Florida
  • DE- Greg Hardy, Mississippi
  • DT- Terrence Cody, Alabama
  • DT- Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma
  • OLB- Mark Herzlich, Boston College
  • OLB- Sean Witherspoon, Missouri
  • ILB- Brandon Spikes, Florida
  • ILB- Greg Jones, Michigan State
  • CB- Trevard Lindley, Kentucky
  • CB- Joe Haden, Florida
  • SS- Eric Berry, Tennessee
  • FS- Taylor Mays, U$C

After getting shut out of the 1st team offense, Florida puts 3 on the 1st team defense- and they could have had more if I wasn't biased. Carlos Dunlap leads it off at DE, but he isn't even listed as the starter! Dunlap is the most athletic DE in college football. He's out to get your niece. Gerald McCoy is another defensive lineman that Irish fans know well. He punched us in the gut, and signed with Oklahoma. He's doing OK.

Mark Herzlich. Say what you want about Bob Davie, but he knows defensive players. He called Herzlich the best linebacker IN THE COUNTRY last year. I realize that won't be playing this year due to his battle with cancer- but I don't give a shit. I'll still take him. He's really, really good. Here's a toast to you Mark, "Kick the fuck out of that cancer!"

Greg Jones is underrated nationally, but I think he will make a huge leap into the spotlight in 2009- I just hope it isn't in South Bend.

When was the last time that there were two badass safeties like Mays and Berry. Oh, right... last year. These two guys are just sick. How did Mays get convinced that another year in college would be good for him? He was a top 5 pick easy. If Berry leaves this year we may see 2 safeties took in the first 5-6 picks.

Offense Second Team

  • QB- Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
  • RB- Jahvid Best, California
  • RB- Joe McKnight, U$C
  • WR- Michael Floyd, Notre Dame
  • WR- Julio Jones, Alabama
  • WR- AJ Green, Georgia
  • TE- Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma
  • OT- Sam Young, Notre Dame
  • OT- Anthony Davis, Rutgers
  • OG- Jeff Byers, U$C
  • OG- Rodney Hudson, Florida State
  • CT- Chris Hall, Texas
  • FB- Quentin Castille, Nebraska

Another list. Another diss for Tebow? I just thought I should at least take the reigning Heisman Trophy winner on the second team.

After careful consideration, I am throwing a pair of PAC-10 backs in this list. Both are dynamic- and both are Rocky-chasing-after-a-chicken-fast. If McKnight got the carries that most featured backs got- he would most certainly be my first-teamer.

Ahh... there you are Mr. Floyd. Right where you should be. Floyd, Jones, and Green represent 3 members of one of the finest WR classes in a long time- if not the best. I believe all 3 were equally great and dominate at times last year as freshman. What will they do to separate themselves in 2009? It's like The Young & The Restless with pigskin and plastic, instead of just plastic.

Oh! Jermaine Gresham. Welcome to the party stud.

Sam Young. You made enough lists like this to be on this list. Prove us right.

Yes, Quentin Castille is a fullback- even if he doesn't know it yet. He will provide the Children of the Corn solid play from a position they worship.

Defense Second Team

  • DE- George Selvie, South Florida
  • DE- Jerry Hughes, TCU
  • DT- Vince Oghobasse, Duke
  • DT- Marvin Austin, North Carolina
  • OLB- Sergio Kindle, Texas
  • OLB- Rennie Curran, Georgia
  • ILB- Rolando McClain, Alabama
  • ILB- Sean Lee, Penn State
  • CB- Darrin Walls, Notre Dame
  • CB- Donovan Warren, Michigan
  • SS- Morgan Burnett, Georgia Tech
  • FS- Deunta Williams, North Carolina

Selvie and Hughes are constant producers. Take the "South" out of South Florida, and the "Christian" out of TCU (and flip the U & the T)- and these guys would be much, much bigger stars.

Duke? A player from Duke? Oh yeah. What else does Duke have? Teams were able to double and triple team Oghobasse and he still had over 50 tackles and 6 sacks. He will be even better this year as the talent around him has actually improved- albeit slightly.

Sean Lee is either the tackle leader at PSU, or is about to become the leader. Linebacker "U" motherfucker. The guy is unreal. He is delegated to the 2nd team after missing all of last year with a torn ACL... pussy.

By now you have noticed Darrin Walls made the 2nd team. Cornerback is a position this year throughout the NCAA that is lacking stars. Walls will make up for this deficit as will his bitter rival- Donovan Warren. These guys don't have mind-blowing stats, but who in the hell would throw their way?

After an easy choice of safeties for the first team, this was a little difficult. However, Deunta Williams is a solid player that given the right lighting and opportunity, he should be able to shoot himself to the top of the Safety lists- just not ahead of Berry or Mays.

Special Teams

  • K- Kai Forbath, UCLA
  • P- Zoltan Mesko, Michigan
  • KR- Brandon James, Florida
  • PR- Javier Arenas, Alabama
  • GUNNER- Mike "Tha 3rd World Dictator" Anello, Notre Dame

Forbath is strong.
Zoltan is named well.
James is quick.
Arenas is dangerous.
Anello is a Dictator in training. He will stuff your jock down your throat and then he will grab you by the ankles and put them in your ear and then he will....


SirJohn said...

Great,great stuff Subway.

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What? I didn't count 27 ND all-americans in this post. So where are the rest?

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good one... thanks for sharing....

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