Jul 16, 2009

There Can Be Only One...Once Again

Oh my God, I can't wait for this 2009 College Football season to start. So with that in mind, I am posting this about a month earlier than last year. It's time for the, "Subway Domer 'There Can Be Only One' College Football Pick-Em Contest." This is the third year for this contest and it should be bigger than last year- and better.

The basic outline for the contest is the same as last year, but I have made a few small changes as well.

  • I will provide the games to pick every week. The list will include at least every top 10 team and Notre Dame. I may also put in other games as I see fit, but generally the list will contain around 14-16 games.
  • The scoring is a little bit goofy and fucked-up, but so am I. Correct picks are worth 2 points. A correct pick between two top ten teams is worth 4 points. If you pick the underdog to win in any game and the underdog wins, it is worth an additional 4 points on top of the 2 or 4 points you were already rewarded.
  • If you fail to submit picks for a cumulative total of 2 weeks, you will be considered a rouge player and kicked out of the contest.
  • You will be assigned a handle of a small school (1-AA or lower) as your username. Please include this name in your weekly e-mail of picks. If you are a veteran you should already have this name. If you don't remember it, let me know and I will assign you one.
  • Registration is free. E-Mail me at subwaydomer26@gmail.com as your registration and include either your school from last year or a request of a school name (I'll try to accommodate).
  • The picks must be e-mailed no later than one hour before the first kickoff of the games scheduled, so this may be as early as a Wednesday or Thursday night.
  • In the past, I had a separate web page for this contest. No more. All updates and scoring and whatever else coincides with this contest will be posted on Subway Domer. Also, once you are registered, you will be in an e-mail group and you will receive e-mail updates as well.
  • The winner (announced after the conference title games) will have his/her choice of 2 t-shirts from a large selection. The shirt selections will be posted in a day or so. Here is a link to the choices from last year. OC Domer won the Bowl Pick-Em two years in a row, and asked me to put a donation at the Grotto in lieu of a shirt each time. So you have that option as well.
  • I am also working on a few vendors to donate some items for weekly prizes. I should have things finalized before the season starts. If you are interested in donating something from yourself, or from your place of employment please contact me.

That's pretty much it. If you have questions, please ask them and i will answer them as best as I can. Register soon! Good Luck & GO IRISH!!!

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