Mar 17, 2009

Irish Blogger Gathering... Still Searching

Welcome back to the Irish Blogger gathering. Last time we saw our heroes, we were speaking in tongues and trying to understand the intricacies of Hawaiian life. After some much deserved celebration for ending the eternal bowl drought, the Fighting Irish get back to work officially for Spring ball on Friday the 20th. I'm banging my head against a rhinoceros in anticipation of watching cone drills and stretches soon.
With that said, I have been a procrastinating fool for the past few weeks and I am rushing, even now, to get these questions out to the rest of the coven. I'll add my answers before the end of the week. Look for responses from the other members in the IBG to be links in the comment section. Feel free, as readers, to answer these yourselves in the comment section as well. (Please keep in mind that some players may be kept out of spring ball due to injury or illness. Those details have not been released by the University).
Here we go...
1. Take your temperature. A) What sort of things are you looking for the team to work upon to help the 2009 season? Group improvements, players improvements, new fertilizer... whatever. As general a question as you will find. B) Same question, but instead of just the 2009 season- the future of the program as a whole.

2. It remains to be seen if I will be traveling to the spring game. My wife may have objections to yet another birthday of hers being used for a game that essentially doesn't count. (I know, I know- she just doesn't get it.) Don't you think it's about time that the spring game was televised? You know ESPN is dying to get inside that stadium for a live broadcast. I don't think it would interfere with the NBC contract, and if it does- why aren't they televising this?

3. What position battle will be decided this spring? Which one will have to wait for summer/fall?

4. If you could change anything about the way spring practice/ Blue-Gold Game is done- what would it be?

5. Name your 5 favorite players and change their jersey number. Tell us why...

6. Last year two sophomore's won the MVP awards for the Blue-Gold Game (Harrison Smith and Robert Hughes). Predict who this years MVP's will be using the same criteria. (Same class- 1 OFF. & 1 DEF.).

Good luck and check back at Subway Domer for the answers.


William said...

5 Favorite Players (i'm going to dig in the past not necessarly the current players)
#5 Manti Teo - 52 - to remind everyone he came all the way from the 52nd state to kick your @$$ when you try to run at him!!
#4..Brady Quinn. #19 A true Browns fan would love to follow in Bernie's footsteps (but maybe win an AFC championship game).
#3. Tony Brooks - #52 (i know it's not legal) but how sweet would it have been to have Rocket at 25 and T-brooks at 52 for some lightning/thunder action
#2 Timmy Brown - #7 - as in the 7th Heisman trophy winner

#1. Derek Mays. #21 because it's my favorite number for my favorite player.
Honorable Mention - The Bus - I hate pittsburgh but he looked so much better wearing a double digit 36 (robert Hughes style)

Whiskey said...

One foot down is up with responses.

Wacko said...

I have returned from my hibernation to answer your questions. Thank God for spring!