Mar 23, 2009

Bagpipe Monday... Two For Tuesday?

Welcome back for another edition of Bagpipe Monday here at Subway Domer. Spring football has started, and the drinking pushes forward.

Last week I asked, "Who will be the unsung hero of 2009?"

  • 42% said Paul Duncan (a little too obvious)
  • 20% said Toryan Smith
  • 11% said Scott Smith
  • 9% said Jordan Cowart
  • 8% said George West (A sentimental favorite of mine. Great name.)
  • 7% said Paddy Mullen (probably a better name).
  • 3% said Robby Parris (He went days without a vote)

This week you get a special treat. Two bagpipe videos! WHOOOO... The first one is called Mason's Apron, which inspired this weeks poll question of- "What secret society would TAH-NOO-TAH join?" So, don't forget to vote and enjoy the pipes!

Your bonus video is from a band called Mudmen. You got a problem with that?

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