Jan 8, 2009

The Last Score

Armando Allen puts a spectacular ending to a mediocre 2008. I've watched it like, 30 times.


Mackay Rippey said...

Who is #51 who falls on his ass backpeddling to set up for a block?

Anonymous said...

Someone should give that kid in the Celtic jersey a Subway Domer shirt. WTF?

Josh said...

Did you see Tate blow up the guy he blocked?! Sent him on his ass!

William said...

How about the fact that allen is supposed to be one of the fastest guys on the team, but Tate was outrunning allen at the end, after Tate through an amazing block! Good think Tate was on our side, or he would have tackled allen at the end. Tate impresses me more and more everygame... and this is maybe the second time Allen has impressed me in two years.

SubwayDomer26 said...

#51 is Dan Wenger for Notre Dame, but I think I missed that spot.

Everyone should own a Subway Domer t-shirt. What are you guys, communists?

Tate is a bad motherfucker. I'm sure he let everyone know about the block, and the fact he was out ahead of Allen.