Jan 19, 2009

Bagpipe Monday... Waiting

Welcome back to Bagpipe Monday. Waiting. What a pain in the ass. We are all waiting for something everyday. Whether it be for a coffee in the morning, the minute to clock out of work, or even to see the inauguration of the United States first African-American President- we all are waiting for something, everyday.

As Fighting Irish football fans, the 2008 season may be over, but the continuing quest remains intact. The next big event for the program is the same big day for other programs across the country- National Signing Day on February 4th. So the countdown continues...
Last weeks poll asked simply, "Tebow ?"
  • 31% said he was a closet devil-worshipper
  • 26% said he was a future Pro Bowl fullback
  • 22% said he was the epitome of jealousy
  • 21% said he was the savior of crack-babies.

He very well may be all of those things as we keep hearing that Tebow is the greatest human being that has ever existed (you can still save crack-babies as a devil-worshipper- just differently). How's President Obama dealing with that?

Don't forget to vote in this weeks poll and enjoy the pipes!

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