Jun 12, 2007

What I Got

With tons of speculation on Mr. Frazer and zip... I mean nada new recruiting info, The Subway Domer has not posted a whole lot of new stuff. I do have some promises for you, and some updates on the site. (Check out OCDomer for a great write up about Frazer).

  • Parts 3-5 of Subway Domers Why The Hell Not, 2007 Predictions will be coming out VERY soon. Hold on tight, because this is going to be a bumpy ride.
  • Lots of foolishness.
  • A slugfest with JB from There Is No Name On My Jersey... his blog has a long title...too long.
  • Commitments from Steve Filer and Michael Floyd...I promise.
  • More B.S.

Hopefully you will keep checking back!

Subway Domer


Sir John said...

I loved the Space balls comment. Ahahah that's how I feel googling for ND info right now. Ahahahah
We ain't found shit. (Smiles)

OC Domer said...


Thanks for the shout and the link. As a fellow blogger, you know how much a little positive feedback means.

OC Domer