May 14, 2007

Link-O-Rama...I Just Got Off Of Work Edition.

Here is a list of some good links to check out.

  • Corwin Brown impresses Gator Nation. (BTW- If you haven't checked out EDSBS, you are either a tool or uninformed).
  • Blue-Gray Sky stalks Charlie Weis, and proves once again that Weis is the Emperor.
  • OC Domer professes his love of Our Lady and of the Grotto as an ode to Mothers Day.
  • The "men" of BC bring us a story about Tom O'Brian. We knew he was a douche for a long time...what took you so long?
  • This is an excerpt from a real moron. Look at the read the article...WOW. This guy is an idiot.I truly hope this was an error by Blogger. In any case however, I will be removing him from my blogroll and replace him with a Spartan that is worthy to be called an enemy. (If the guys at BGS don't know about this let them know. They are being dealt with 7 months later and somehow the game hasn't happened yet in "Spartan Bobs" head.BTW- The spelling errors in his piece are his not, mine. I noe ware my spelchek butun is at.

Saturday, April 28, 2007
"A nice long look..."

Michigan State is no stranger to weird phobias and hard shit to put behind them. So it is with great amusement that I have followed the development of the image at right into a Leprechaun Lodestar for the game this Saturday. Blue-Gray Sky is a typical example. They dedicate a medium-sized column (by their standards) to warding off all of the counter-motivationals that Michigan State is allegedly imagining so as to mitigate the supposed talismanic power of "The Flag" to wake the echoes and restore some balance to the 2-7 slide against Michigan State. The Flag, you see, was a crime! No act of bad form on the Irish side may be cited to detract from the power of Flag. BGS did exhaustive research and found all the evidence wanting: No dissing about missing megaphones and certainly no pouting about pillowtalk between Charlie and Mrs. Charlie about never again surrending to Spartans. Lost in it all is an interesting question: What if Michigan State wins?If, after making such a big deal of this flag matter (which few Spartans ever cared about anyway), the Irish fail get the job done, then the flag becomes a self-inflicted monkey on the back of Notre Dame and Charlie Weis. A symbol of failure that will resurface year after year until they beat Michigan State. When and if the "Fire Charlie" websites spring up, that picture becomes worth a thousand words of evidence.BGS tries some rally-round-the-flag moments in the posting:
"I would certainly hope that each player on the Irish roster takes a nice long look at this before heading out onto the field Saturday night." Indeed, take that look. You created this mountain out of a molehill in your own minds. You earned that look. You've worked hard for that look. And if you don't get the job done, you'll get a whole lot better view of it in the year to come.
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