Jun 1, 2009

Bagpipe Monday... The Polls Are Back- Yet Different

Welcome back to Bagpipe Monday at Subway Domer. This is the first Monday of the new format that BM will be taking. It's kind of an evolving weekly feature that I keep messing with to announce shit, and occasionally make fun of midgets, Trojans, and Mr. Rodgers.

I want to thank everyone that participated in the Random Randomness Is A Survey- survey. I got a lot of good information that will be used in some future posts this summer and early fall. I posted this in some very different message board locations. i think I got a pretty decent mix of answers and it should reflect the overall attitude of the entire Fighting Irish fanbase.

That reminds me. June is Rivalry Month at Subway Domer. Why? Because we fucking hate you- that's why. Anyways, look for more on this is the next few days. If I say much more than that, my lawyers will have my ass.

Please take the time to fill out this weeks new survey, and as always... ENJOY THE PIPES!!!

Quizzes by Quibblo.com


Anonymous said...

Apparently there are a bunch of people who don't give a crap what the announcers say, yet have yelled at the TV for over a minute. These people are trying to act tough when they say they don't give a crap about what the announcers say.

Anonymous said...

Video was enjoyable but I do not understand the need for foul language.

tenict said...

As always, we enjoyed the pipes and drums from diverse locations like Estes Park, CO and Edinburg, Scotland.


Thomas said...

I agree, no need to spout such language.