Jun 9, 2009

Bagpipe Monday... Dammit- It's Tuesday Again!

Welcome back to another edition of Bagpipe Monday- brought to you on Tuesday from the fine makers of Monday Housework. Anyways, last week I asked you a few questions about the TV announcing for Notre Dame football games. You people scare me:

  • 51% of you say they don't give a crap what the announcers say during the game.
  • 53% of you said that you have screamed at the TV announcers for over a minute on an occasion.
  • 50% of you would like to see Christopher Walken and Gary Busey call the games for Notre Dame.

So, most of you are screaming at the TV announcers while not really giving a shit what is going on, AND your dream announcing crew would sound something like this:

Scenario---4th and goal. Notre Dame down 33-38 to U$C. 3 seconds remain on the clock. Do or die...

Walken: James Clausen steps behind the center and places- his hands- directly under the ass of Wenger.

Busey: That's called ' Inner manhood.'

Walken: Jimbo takes the snap and fakes to Aldridge. What a LIAR! Now he zips one in the endzone... caught by Tate. That's a TD folks and Pete Carrol is officially-anal raped.

Busey: That's why they call Jimmy, The Eagle. He grabs his spirit jock and forces the frog to become part of his inner child. That is sexual, in its rawest form.

You people scare the shit out of me. Don't forget to vote in this weeks survey in the right hand column, and enjoy the pipes!

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