Apr 6, 2009

Bagpipe Monday... I'm Coming For Ya Petey- Get Jacked!!!

Sorry, but I have seemed to lost the results from the last poll. Correction- they were probably stolen by members of TAH-NOO-TAH's real secret society... which one is still unclear.

This week is all about Twitter. You know what I'm talking about. Pretty soon, every coach in the country will be using this online treat. No one does it better than Pete Carrol- and I mean NO ONE!!! But, The Subway Domer is here to let that slimy son of a bitch know that we are coming for his ass. I have pipers stalking his homeland, preparing to lead the charge in a preemptive strike against Darth Poodle and his assortment of steroid-popping goons.

Don't forget to vote in this weeks poll and enjoy another double dose of the pipes!!!

1 comment:

tednict said...

Subway, we love the pipes and look forward to them every Monday. To Hell with Pete and USC.