Jun 18, 2008


Continuing the Wu Am I Series, or whatever else I feel like calling it. Just a reminder that this is a list of 36 players of impact. I feel that with a multiple formation and personal offense AND defense, that listing a traditional depth chart is kind of boring and inaccurate.

Time to open up 2 more chambers. But be careful, danger awaits...

Pat Kuntz #96

Defensive Tackle/Nose Tackle
6'3" 290 lbs.
Indianapolis, Indiana
Wu-Name: Loose Lipped Controller

He's back. After doing whatever it was that needed to be done, Pat Kuntz has returned to Notre Dame as a student and a football player after taking classes at Ivy Tech. (Not in the Ivy League). Pat is a returning starter at nose tackle and was a bright spot for Irish fans as his personality outshined the team and he quickly became a fan favorite. Pat figures to be a very large part of a defensive line that is very unproven. Word around campus is that ND will lean more to the 4-3 fronts as opposed to the 3-4. This will mean that Kuntz will play more at his now natural DT position, as opposed to what he may play as a DE, taking over the spot left by Trevor Laws. Here's to hoping that Pat will don the mohawk and straight body slam opposing players.

Will Yeatman #84
Tight End
6'6" 255 lbs.
San Diego, California
Wu-Name: Erratic Assassin

After suffering an embarrassing DUI arrest because Will was too drunk to know the difference between a sidewalk and a road (or should I say too drunk to care), he is back with the team and ready to compete for playing time after watching Mike Ragone take 99.9% of the snaps in the spring. What some people may not figure is that there are two TE's play different types of TE in Weis's system. Therefore, William will play quite a bit and make a major impact on the Irish . Will is very athletic as he kicks ass as a Lacrosse stud for the Fighting Irish as well. It's great the caliber of player back that Yeatman is, and I suspect he will have a good season. On another note, I am extremely happy that a player can fuck up like Will did, and not have to watch his life get completely fucked up. Kudo's to Weis and the administration for ending this whateverness. (RPN- had the same thing happen to him, but it was during the season and that ended abruptly). Be Careful...Click-Click.

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Sir john said...

Another great analysis Subway. You are good. I was thinking who I would like ND to schedule and that would be Miami agan, those games were exciting.