Mar 19, 2008

Pryor Hates Dick, But Loves Nuts

The wait is over. Michigan sucks and lost out on Terrelle Pryor.

Pryor chose Ohio State, and ensured the Skunkbears demise for at least another year... or two.

Somewhere in Ann Arbor, Lllloyd Carr is trying to talk Dick Rod down from a tall building.



Anonymous said...

Really? I heard he loves it.

Frankie V said...

Definitely good news for us this year and next when it comes to playing Michigan. We will get them week 2 this year and they'll have a new starter who wasn't heavily recruited or recruiter for Rodriguez's system.

Ted in Wichita said...

During the next four years, wouldn't it be interesting to see our Irish play the Skunkeyes in a BCS Bowl with the quarterbacks being Crist and Pryor?

Due to Pryor's decision, I saw where Rivals jumped OSU to their
4th position in the '08 recruiting class rankings.

Sir John said...

Subwaty i loved all the comments on ESPN. Man those were right on the money. I quit watching after Rome burned down. If you wish put it up at DomerDomain with a link to your site here. more need to know the garbsge ESPN spews on a regular basis.