Mar 9, 2008


Yep. Buttloads of questions for this spring. It is a lot like last year, but at least we are sure about the starting quarterback for the San Diego State game.

I was going to go through each position and put a few of those questions out and try to analyze them. I thought I could do it as a countdown to the start of Spring practice... but things changed.

As you can see this is my first post this month! Work, home projects (the endless kind), and slow news has put a damper on things, but I promise to start putting together something on a regular basis for all of you SD readers.

But, I digress... here is a list of some of the questions that either will be, or should be addressed this spring. It's long and dreary at times, but so was last season. I will only offer the questions today, and perhaps provide some commentary on those questions before the end of Spring.

Please keep in mind that these questions relate directly to this spring and will not include a lot about the incoming freshman. That's for this summer.

Here we go...

  1. Can Chris Stewart find a home somewhere on the offensive line?
  2. Can the offensive line really improve its physicality?
  3. Does the line have to cross train again?
  4. Can Romine prove that he is the best left tackle and move Young to the right side?
  5. Can Sam Young show the world why he was a 5 star coming out of high school?
  6. What can ND do to improve what was its weakest link from 2007?
  7. Will the Irish really have the 5 best lineman playing as a unit?
  8. Is Clausen 100%?
  9. Did Jimmy get in the weight room enough this odd season?
  10. Can Clausen become emotionally stoic, or will he look like a freshman again?
  11. Will Jimmy progress in his knowledge of the system and use his check-offs?
  12. Will Sharpley do enough this spring to cement himself into the #2 spot?
  13. Are there too many horses at running back?
  14. Will ND lean more on a 1 back set or a 2 back set?
  15. Is Schwaap the right man for the job?
  16. Will Luke Schmidt FINALLY step up?
  17. Is Nagel getting moved to FB?
  18. Can Hughes develop into the workhorse?
  19. Will Hughes be used at FB at times?
  20. Will Aldridge improve on his lateral step?
  21. Will Allen take the next step towards being the burner?
  22. Of all the running backs, who is going to pass block better now that Jabbie is gone?
  23. Which running back is going to carry the load?
  24. How in the hell does ND practice with one Tight End on scholarship?
  25. Who will be on the depth chart underneath Ragone for the Spring?
  26. There are 8 wide receivers going into spring ball. Who besides Kamara is really worthy to start?
  27. Will Grimes lock down the slot spot?
  28. Can West stand out like last spring?
  29. How much can Tate improve while he is playing baseball?
  30. Is this the last hurrah for Gallup, Jackson, and Hord?
  31. How can Parris shape himself into the rotation opposite Kamara?
  32. Will a kicker please stand up?
  33. Will Weis let the special teams go full speed in the spring?
  34. Who will step up to the PR spot formerly occupied by Tommy Z?
  35. Any hitters?
  36. Will Maust solidify himself?
  37. Who takes over for Jansen as a long snapper?
  38. Will anything be decided on special teams this spring?
  39. Can Mo Richardson and Kallen Wade start to climb the depth chart?
  40. How much will the loss of Kuntz this spring affect the defensive line?
  41. Nwankwo has been labeled as a sleeper by a few insiders. Will he wake up?
  42. Will Ian Williams eat someone? No. Will he continue to ride the momentum he created for himself last year?
  43. Calling Justin Brown. Can you be a difference maker?
  44. Will the John Ryan experiment finally be over at OLB and will he be back as a DE?
  45. Will Kerry Neal and Brian Smith be such a 1,2 punch that they will just be known as... Neal Smith.
  46. Will Brian Smith be cross trained as an inside backer alongside Crum?
  47. Can Toryan Smith become THE man?
  48. If not T. Smith, how about Scott Smith?
  49. Will Kevin Washington make any move?
  50. How much of Tenuta's influence will we see right away this spring?
  51. Can Lambert and Walls retain their jobs as the starters?
  52. I've heard that Gary Gray is our best cover corner. Why can't he start?
  53. Where does McNeil fit in?
  54. How badass will Bruton get after another year?
  55. How many safeties are after the spot opposite Bruton?
  56. Who will step up to the table and set themselves up for the fall: Harrison Smith, Sergio Brown, Kyle McCarthy or even Ray Herring?
  57. Who in the hell is coaching the Blue-Gold Game?
  58. How is the Tenuta/Brown relationship going to develop?
  59. How is the Weis/Haywood relationship going to develop?
  60. Is Latina getting the job done?
  61. Who is ready for some motherfucking spring football?!


Anonymous said...

With the debacle of last season, I think of more over-arching questions? Will this be a year that can be the start of a return to prominence? Will this be another embarrassment with blowout losses and can ND handle it? How will recruiting go if we do not impress? How will this season determine the look of the current coaching regime? and so on..

SubwayDomer26 said...

You have to answer the small questions before those that are more wide sweeping.

Hulk said...

So 61 = 1 buttload. That is a lot of questions.
Lots of them concerning the O line, and it pains me to say it, but I don't think we'll see night and day improvements. Small improvements, yes, but not drastic.

Andy said...

I think 19 is the answer to questions 15 and 16.

Good List. Let's Go Irish!

Face Mask said...

Tenuta & Brown will put togeather a defense that will be the talk of college football not just this season but for the next 3 years.This will be the defense that will take Notre Dame to a NC by 2010.GO IRISH!!

SubwayDomer26 said...

I hope so Andy.
I think Hughes will finally be that piece that Weis had with RPN... only better.

Anonymous said...

Schmidt to TE and Nagel to FB might work for spring.

Anonymous said...

I really do not think Bruton & Walls are a question. Those positions are solid. Gary G. has been injured. He is a super cover guy. If you follow ND closely those are not Q's.

SubwayDomer26 said...

I never questioned if Bruton would be the starter. I was hinting around that David might blow up into a first round draft choice.

It was less Walls and more Lambert as far as the questioning of keeping their jobs, because of everything I have heard about Gray.

Sir John said...

Good list Subway.