Jan 25, 2008

A Weak Response

I don't really have a long and potent post planned for this, but here goes...
SHUT THE FUCK UP. A lot of posters across the web on message boards, chat rooms, and in the blogosphere have been complaining about Notre Dames weak finishes when it comes to recruiting. Put your head in a tub of boiling water, for you are fucking clueless and deserve to have your face melted off.
I fully agree with the last years class finishing weak. We lost 2 commits on signing day and lost another a few weeks before LOI day. Two 4 stars and a 5 star recruit that were committed and then lost in the last few moments of recruiting IS a shitty outcome.
However, this year is a whole new subject. Yes we lost 5 star Omar Hunter a few weeks ago. Bummer. This isn't the death of the class or even the death of our D-Line class. The Irish still have done very well on the defensive line class this year and by all accounts, is the BEST we have had in a very long time. Shut the fuck up.
Recently, some Irish targets have made their decisions on what school to go to. And they aren't coming to South Bend. Bummer. Let's see... Mike Martin, a verbal commit to Michigan since June, has chose the Skunkbears after a few weeks of deliberations on maybe checking out ND. Kapron-Lewis Moore, a verbal commit to A&M since August, did the same and stayed at A&M. A few other prospects didn't have the grades and went elsewhere. And a big offensive lineman, Kenneth Page, decided to stay close to mommas cooking and chose in-state Clemson over the Irish. SHUT THE FUCK UP.
This is a GREAT 22 man class as it is right now. Period. If a few more want to jump on board, even better. But recruiting is not the playoffs (if Div-I had them), it is not how you finish exactly. Weis does not need to just offer plan B and C guys to get more numbers. Recruiting is about filling needs with top quality guys and perhaps nabbing a few instant impact players. The Irish have done that already. Anything more this year wouldn't be the icing on the cake, it would be the fucking baker presenting it to you. Please, shut the fuck up.


Anonymous said...

It is a bummer for this reason...

We finished last years great recruiting haul with some disappointments. And many fans thought this year would be different.

A few things happen and we end this haul with a few more disapointments, doesnt take away from the amazingness of this class.

But it is bitter deja-vu

SubwayDomer26 said...

If this class has any bitterness, Anonymous, what does a piece of peanut butter fudge pie taste like to you. I really am sorry for lack of taste buds. Truly.

TBoneND said...

A #1 recruiting class or at worst a top #5 and we are crying? Whoh, Rome wasn't built in a day they say, so let's be ready for this fall. Charlie has done two things with this class.
1. A top 5 ranking.
2. Created a chemistry between the FNGs. This will pay great dividends the next couple of years.

Sir John said...

I get no vote?