Jan 3, 2008

Spring Into Action

- It is January people. That's right...January. It isn't August contrary to what some of you may think out there. But that's, alright. I understand how anxious some of you are about putting together starting lineups (and for you recruiting junkies: putting freshman right in the mix) and projections for the 2008 season. I get it, I'm excited too. But first things are definitely first... signing day and then spring practice culminating with the Annual Blue-Gold Game.
With that in mind, The Subway Domer is bringing you a little foretaste of the feast to come... The Spring Game. I thought I would share with you on what I would like to see Coach Weis do with the game. Last year was kind of a bore and I think with the starting QB in place, it should make for a little better spectacle. And yes, I will give you what I think will be the depth chart... for spring.

  • After having not one, but two Irish coaching legends coach the game this year, I wonder what Weis has in store? I contacted Charlie and let him know that if called upon, The Subway Domer and Colonialhead would be more than ready to take the reigns. He said that he would have to get back with me. Fair enough. If not us, I would like to take a wild guess and say Aaron Taylor (somewhere Latina is shaking) and Michael Stonebreaker (somewhere the Thunder is Shaking). Why not?
  • The 2008 Irish need to be more physical and become what Weis has promised us...Nasty. With that in mind , I believe the practices leading up to the game needs to take on that role. HIT,HIT,HIT! What Weis shouldn't do is something that he eluded to during the season: QB being fair game. That would just be asking for trouble, and honestly, I don't see Charlie letting it happen in practice or at the spring game. Everyone else = snot bubbles.
  • In keeping with the physical theme, Spring needs to be all about competition at every position. Play the best man. With an improving depth chart, this will be a little easier to accomplish this year than last year. Next year's Spring game will really be loaded with depth, but I digress. There are still some glaring holes, most noticeably on both the O-Line and D-Line, but there is enough to make it interesting.
  • Make this years game special. Meaning: include ALL special teams play. Kickoffs, punts, all of it, and do it full bore. Special teams have been very disappointing during the Weis administration if you took away Zibby, and guess what? Zibby is gone and needs to be replaced. I think we have the personnel to do it, but it MUST be practiced. Games can be won with special teams and the 2008 Fighting Irish will need all the help we can get.
  • As far as the game play itself: 2 twenty minute halves. 1st team O (Blue) versus 1st team D (Gold) and 2nd team O (Gold) versus 2nd team D (Blue). Clock runs continuously until it gets inside 3 minutes and then normal game play ensues.
  • Let's show up. Last year was a record setting affair. Yes the weather was gorgeous and Clausen was making his debut, but after the horrible campaign last year, let's really get behind this team and set a new attendance record. If Weis doesn't call my number for the coaching gig, I will be there. At least I think I will. I am currently in negotiations with my wife, who can't understand why the Spring game always coincides with her Birthday weekend, about my plans to attend this year. I am devising a plan for an all-girls weekend in Chicago. If any of you in the Chicago area are fans of Subway Domer and would like to see great coverage online, please send me money, tickets to a show, paid hotel reservations, gift certificates to Tiffany's, or whatever you think would help 4 gals have a great time in Chi-Town.
  • Now, the depth charts for the Blue-Gold Game. Please keep in mind that these are very rough...

Blue Team

QB- Jimmy Clausen
TB- James Aldridge
TB- Robert Hughes
FB- Asaph Schwaap
TE- Will Yeatman
WR- Duval Kamara
WR- David Grimes
WR- George West
WR- Robby Parris
LT- Sam Young
RT- Paul Duncan
C- Dan Wenger
LG- Eric Olsen

RG- Chris Stewart

DE- Paddy Mullen
NT- Darrell Hand
DE- Kallen Wade
OLB- John Ryan
ILB- Scott Smith
ILB- Steve Paskorz
OLB- Mo Richardson
CB- Gary Gray
CB- Raeshon McNeil
S- Ray Herring
S- Sergio Brown

Gold Team
QB- Evan Sharpley
TB- Armando Allen
FB/TB- Luke Schmidt
TE- Mike Ragone
WR- Richard Jackson
WR- D.J. Hord
WR- Golden Tate
WR- Barry Gallup Jr.
LT- Matt Romine
RT- Taylor Dever
C- Thomas Bemenderfer
LG- Michael Turkovich
RG- Trevor Robinson

DE- Justin Brown
NT- Ian Williams
DE- Pat Kuntz
OLB- Brian Smith
ILB- Mo Crum
ILB- Toryan Smith
OLB- Kerry Neal
CB- Terrail Lambert
CB- Darrin Walls
S- David Bruton
S- Harrison Smith

So, there you have it. If you were wondering why I have Schwaap on the first team ,it was because of having Allen on the Gold squad. I thought Schmidt could play the RPN role and double as a TB/FB.

Please discuss. I would love to know your thoughts on this subject. Use the shoutbox, the comment link, or discuss in any forum you see this is placed. (I love pimping SD).


Face Mask said...

Yes,Hit,Hit,Hit!I was talking with my old coach the other day.He had the opertunity to witness several practices at Alabama under Bear.He said on Mon,Teu & Wen the blood flew and it was during these hard hitting practices that they found out who wanted to play football on Sat.

Burtonrider11 said...

"Let's show up. Last year was a record setting affair. Yes the weather was gorgeous and Clausen was making his debut, but after the horrible campaign last year, let's really get behind this team and set a new attendance record."

Subway - I was there last year and will be there this year, with wife and 2 year old in tow. We all came last year and had a blast. ND could have been 0-12 and we'd still be there. Look for me in the Blue Kamara jersey!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for some material during this dead time! I think Toryan Smith will be fighting for playing time once this class gets here in the fall. Harrison Smith at safety is an interesting one, thats a spot where competition should be good. I'd like to see him start but who knows. I think Kyle Mcarthy came on at the end of this season in the backfrield

domerinlaws said...

Don't worry domer, a girls weekend is in the works. Compliments of SJ, with a hotel downtown.