Feb 15, 2007

Spring Blizzard

Well now that National Signing Day is over and my head is healed from beating it against the wall (thank-you Greg and Chris Little and Zooker), it is time to move on to what really matters... the Blue-Gold Game.

To be played on April 21, the University should bill this like MLB does with the All-Star game..."This year, it matters." And boy will it ever. With so few returning starters on offense and a new Defensive Coordinator in Darth Brown, this years game could get darn right nasty.

In the coming days and weeks the Subway Domer is going to break down the position battles and throw those $0.02 in the mix. Also, you are going to be introduced to Mitch. Mitch is a complete cocksucker and a hardcore Fighting Irish fan. You are going to get his unique insight into what is sure to be a wild spring fling.

In case you are a moron or are a fair weather fan here is a list of positions that are up for grabs.


  • Quarterback
  • Running Back
  • Receivers
  • Guards
  • Tackles


  • Nose Guard
  • Defensive Ends
  • Defensive Tackle
  • Linebackers
  • Cornerbacks
  • Nickelbacks (not those gay Canadians)
  • Free Safety

That's a lot of shit going on! The offense might be a little easier to predict pre-spring game, but the defense should be a lot more complex. Darth Brown will probably use a hybrid 34-43, and in doing so use a lot of rotating personnel.

I look forward to diving into this mess as soon as I get my driveway clean.

Subway Domer

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