Dec 24, 2006

PS2 Challenge...Major Update!!!

Sorry about the delay folks but with the holiday season, I hope you are all understanding of the lateness of this post. Three games and finally some differences between PS2 and myself. Bowl

  • Subway Domer------- South Florida 33 ECU 17
  • PS2-------------------South Florida 27 ECU 10

South Florida walked away with this one easily...Sorry Skip!!!

New Mexico Bowl

  • Subway Domer-------San Jose St. 34 NM 24
  • PS2------------------San Jose St. 6 NM 37

The PS2 was outdated on this one. Way to go Trojans... I just puked after saying that.

Armed Forces Bowl

  • Subway Domer------ Utah 37 Tulsa 22
  • PS2----------------- Utah 17 Tulsa 31

I stole yet another from the Black Box! The Utes were running wild!

TALLY**** Subway Domer 4-2

PS2 2-4

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