May 27, 2008

The King Is Back

I just ordered my copy... and I suggest you do the same. No other pre-season magazine provides you with more information and analysis.

Phil is a fucking legend.

I am providing a link to Phil's website on the right. This site can be used to purchase the mag and has a buttload of other stuff for college football junkies.

The picture is of the regional magazine which is due out at a later time. Clausen, as you can see, appears on the Big Ten regional cover.

This should help with any kind of jonesing you may have for the gridiron... or make it worse.

I have also already read Lindy's national pre-season magazine and I am extremely disappointed. Not enough for every team, but they love their conference previews.

Excuse me as I go headbutt my dog.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

no question PS is hands down the number 1 college mag!