Aug 26, 2007

No Title Needed

After what seemed like an eternity, but was really only a week, Subway Domer is back. At first I was really sweating that I might miss something or would log back onto the net and find out Clausen was arrested. Then I read the newspaper and saw Clausen WAS arrested, and I thought to myself, 'Maybe I do need a week off?' The more I thought about it the more I came up with the same conclusion... this might be alright-for 1 week out of the year. I mean what did I really miss?

  • Jimmy Clausen was arrested for some retard law. Weis doesn't care, so neither should you. I'm sure the message boards were going ape shit. Another 2 days of unreadable word vomit.
  • We don't know the starter at QB for the season opener. Did you really think we would know anything Weis doesn't want leaked out? I'm actually a "I really don't give a fuck" guy right know. Weis knows what he's doing and will probably make the right decision. Everyone fighting over Clausen and Jones is starting to look a little too gay for my taste.
  • Everyone thinks that USC is the greatest team ever assembled and there is no way they lose the NC. Someone tell that to Mack Brown.
  • Fuck Michigan.
  • I missed watching the same drills run over and over for the media's 20 allotted minutes.

If I missed something huge please let me know, but I think I was safe. So what did I do? Preparation. Like the players, we fans must prepare ourselves with the upcoming season.

  • Schedule off days from work.
  • Get all tailgating gear in order. (Big props to my B-I-L John for the new handmade corn-toss set).
  • Tickets.... check.
  • Flag flying.
  • Watched The Rites of Autumn. This set never gets old and really gets the blood pumping.
  • Watched Rudy.
  • Visualized and waiting to attack.

Starting Monday... Game week.

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Sir John said...

Good stuff Subway.