Apr 2, 2007

Spring Rundown...

There has been a lot of speculation about the starting lineups for fall 2007, since shortly after the Sugar Bowl. Fortunatly, for Irish fans, nothing has been really set in stone after a few weeks of spring practice. (What the hell is these coaches problem?) There have been a few minor surprises however. Here's a rundown of stuff. Just stuff and randomly thought out, about the team and the spring practice session.


  • Jimmy Clausen has the smoothest delivery. He has also made a few very tight throws and did a few of those while on the run.
  • Zach Frazer has the strongest arm of any of the quarterbacks. He also seems to have a quiet leadership quality.
  • Evan Sharpley throws a very nice ball. A few of the receivers mentioned that they prefer his throws over Brady Quinns.
  • Demetrius Jones has given one of the better quotes of the off-season "Ain't no buster ever wear number 3." He has looked good from what I could tell.

Running Back

  • Travis Thomas seems to have the #1 spot locked up. Has had a little trouble with blitz packages.
  • James Aldridge is 100% healthy for the first time since the start of his senior year in H.S. He is pushing Thomas for the starting job.
  • Armando Allen is fast. He could be VERY dangerous next year.
  • Junnior Jabbie has been a pleasent surprise. He has been doing very well, but he may still be buried on the depth chart.
  • Robert Hughes. Yes, Robert Hughes. He isn't on campus yet, but has been to a lot of practices. He looks like he really wants some playing time right away his freshman year.

Wide Receiver

  • David Grimes has got the number 1 slot locked up.
  • It appears as if George West has the #2 spot to himself. Weis said as much in an earlier presser.
  • Weis also mentioned that the rest of the WR are even steven with one another.
  • D.J. Hord is not looking too well. The rust needs to go bye-bye in a hurry, if he wants to nab the 3rd WR job.


Tight End



  • Anthony Vernaglia is the big surprise here. Looks like he has a starting job at OLB. Think he's happy with the 3-4 and Corwin Brown?
  • Crum and Brockington are going to shore up the middle 2 spots.
  • Toryan Smith will be rotating in with Brockington. Smith has looked like a beast so far.
  • John Ryan seems to have a hold at the other OLB job...but I think he will be greatly challenged by Kerry Neal this summer.

Defensive Backs

  • Zibby is...well...Zibby, and looks faster. Carlson has owned him though.
  • David Bruton is bigger and looks to be the leader for the other safety spot.
  • Wooden and Lambert seem to have a firm grip at the corner spots.
  • McNeil is rotating with Walls at the nickel position on the first team.

There you have it. Just a few notes. By the time you read this things might have changed...I'll let you know.


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