Mar 27, 2007

Rudolph Commits

Notre Dame received their fifth verbal commitment for the 2008 incoming class. Kyle Rudolph (TE) Has given his solemn word to attend ND. "The people there are similar to the people I went to Catholic grade school with Catholic high school with," Rudolph said. "It just makes sense. I've always rooted for them when I watched them on TV."

The 6'7" 230 pound viking god, chose ND over a long list of schools. Most notably was Ohio State. Anytime you can take a kid out of Ohio that is as highly regarded as Rudolph, it is cause for celebration. "I loved everything at Ohio State," Rudolph said. "I just felt I fit in better at Notre Dame."

ND is developing yet another nickname, Tight End U. That name just isn't given for the fitness of the campus, but because the Irish are nabbing up the top TE prospects every year now. Well here's to you Kyle "Don't Call Me Rudy" Rudolph.

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