Jul 24, 2009

Head West Young Man

According to the South Bend Tribune, sophomore walk-on quarterback, Nate Montana, will leave Notre Dame. He intends to enroll at Pasadena City College (JUCO) to help get himself some valuable game experience. He plans to re-enroll at Notre Dame in the spring of 2010.

Nate was listed as the 3rd quarterback coming into the spring, but Evan Sharpley exercised his fifth year option to return to the Irish football team in 2009. This most assuredly dropped Nate to the 4th string.

While in high school, Nate concentrated on basketball, and when he did play football, the team ran a "Wing T" option offense. This did not help Nate get the reps he needed to compete at the Div. 1 level... yet.

I wish Nate good luck in Cali (stay the hell away from the Poodle), and I hope he does return to ND in the spring.

Please keep in mind that Nate is doing this to try and better himself athletically and that this is not personal or academic in ant way. I personally think that Montana should be praised for his humility and for his determination to become a better QB- "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!"

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