Jan 24, 2008

2007 College Football Blogger Awards

With the season over and recruiting at a frenzy, now is the time for the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards. These awards honor those who risk marriage and career to do what they do best... spew endlessly their non-stop bullshit about college football and their specific team onto a web page that will be seen by hundreds of lurkers from around the globe. It's fantastic.

I direct you now to EDSBS to find out on how to vote, and they will have a complete list of the categories. Also, Brian Cook has made a nomination gizmo that blog readers should use as a voting tool. So even though I can't vote for myself, I can bribe all of my readers to go and vote for me. I'll say something nice about your mom if you do.

Here are Subway Domer's votes with complete bias towards Fighting Irish blogs (Except for Subway Domer. Rule #1 is no voting for one's own site) I will nominate more than one blog in some categories as the rules imply...

Funniest Blog.

  • Every Day Should Be Saturday. This is a hands down winner. Pissing yourself while reading edsbs.com is not an uncommon affair.
  • Fire Mark May. If you ever wondered about the whereabouts of Trev Alberts and want to see a one-eye Quinn, this is your site. Groundbreaking in its interviews.

Best Analysis.

  • Pitch Right. A Navy blog. Adam always puts together fine pieces of analysis. Sadly, this site is shutdown by the writer for having bigger priorities. But, just because Heath Ledger is dead, doesn't mean someone won't give him an award for something.
  • Blue-Gray Sky. They will be mentioned a few times.
  • Irish Glory.
  • Sunday Morning Quarterback.

Best MSM Blog. (Pro Journalist)

Best Looking Blog.

The Job Award (The blog that has suffered through its chosen team’s dismal season with the most dignity).

  • Blue-Gray Sky. Seriously, anyone who says otherwise is a dumb ass. Nebraska does not have the national following that ND has or the media attention. BGS handled this year with a touch of grace that I could never know. I threw shit and sat in a corner and cried for most of the season.

Best Audio.

  • EDSBS. Their live show is absolutely kick ass. Give Me A Fucking Siren!!!

Best YouTube.

  • Oldie Olderson. I'm not sure if this qualifies, but no one does a highlight film better. Not even Chuck Norris.

Best ACC Blog.

Best Big East/Notre Dame Blog.

Best Big Ten Blog.

Best Big 12 Blog.

Best Pac 10 Blog.

Best SEC Blog.

  • Fuck the SEC.

Best Non-BCS Blog.

MNC (Mythical National Champ)

There's mine. Now go vote and make sure to do it before the stroke of midnight on Sunday.


bucknakedbrutus said...

Typical Irish loser. You vote for a fucking michigan and penn state site before you would a buckeye blog. You are a dick and have no CLUE about Big Ten football

WeisGipper said...

Wow. How about some love for Irish Band of Brothers? Yes I'm a little biased, but what the heck. I think I'm due for one of those categories.

Scrot said...

As the unofficial "Bouncer" of Subway Domer I would like to ask that Buckeye fans stay away.

Big Ten sucks anyway.

rufus said...

Good choices! And fuck you Brutus

bucknakedbrutus said...

You can bounce your way back to faggot land scrot. I'm not going anywhere

SubwayDomer26 said...

Settle down fellas. At least there isn't an anonymous poster talking shit.

Adam said...

"Fuck the SEC"

Haha, I love it. Thanks for the nod by the way.

WeisGipper said...


tell us how you really feel?

Kevin said...

What about best new blog? *Hint* Haha.

OC Domer said...

Subway - Thanks for the love. I'm pretty darn sure that's the first time anyone has voted for the OC Domer Blog for anything!

WeisGipper said...

Still no love for IBB!

The Biscuit said...

Hey there SD, thanks a lot for the 'nods'. Truly appreciate it, and keep up the bloggin'.

Bucknakedbrutus, you do so much to show us that you're a true OSU fan. It warms my heart. Thank you. Really, thank you.